Tips on a factory reset PC or notebook based on Windows 10 you must know it!!!

Are you a Windows 10 operating system user? While running the application, Windows 10 operating systems are often experiencing errors. The application stops working suddenly. It is possible that the app does not support Windows 10.

Tips on a factory reset PC or notebook based on Windows 10

                                    To fix this, you can uninstall the app. Additionally, you can do a factory reset to restore a new notebook or PC again. The factory reset is also useful if you want to sell your notebook or PC.

Have you known how to factory reset Windows 10? If it's not following the way to reset Windows 10 factory.

1. Press the Windows key and select settings.

2. Then select Update & Security.

3. Then select the recovery on the left navigation bar.

4. After that click Get started to reset the PC.

5. Choose to keep all my files or remove them according to your needs. Keep your files or remove them all according to your needs.

6. If you have more than one hard drive, you only have Windows 10 installed or all drives if you give the option.

7. If you choose to delete everything, select one of the two available options such as Just remove my files and Remove files and clean the drive.

Just remove my files is a faster reset process. But this option is not safe because there is a potential that the deleted file can still be recovered.
Remove files and clean the drive will take longer to run for several hours. Because this process checks and cleans files thoroughly. So that other people find it difficult to recover deleted files. If you plan to sell your Windows 10 PC, this option will be a safer choice.

8. Next Microsoft will notify you that this factory reset recommends that you reinstall Windows 10. After that, you and cannot return to the old version.

9. Click next.

10. Click reset and let the process run. This process takes 30 minutes or even hours depending on the options you choose.

After the reset is complete, follow the instructions to reinstall Windows 10.

When Windows 10 reinstallation is complete, make sure that all of your files and settings have been deleted and returned to default. There should be no problem with this process and depends on your choice.

Before you reinstall, you should back-up all files to an external hard drive or cloud. Because after the reset process is complete, all your files will be deleted. This depends on the option you choose.

So guys if you get best methods to reset any pc by yourself then please don't forget to share my post and comment below for any help. 

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