Know the First 1TB Capacity SD Memory Card! 2019

Photography is indeed a fun hobby, especially when traveling to take lots of pictures. Apart from the price of the camera that rises, there are some concerns related to hardware, one of which is how long the camera battery can last, and how many photos can you take before your memory card is full? Because to get maximum results, it takes a lot of photos and is chosen which you think is the best of all.

Todays what Peoples ask Questions: 

So all this above question there is an answer to this that nowadays we can get 1TB SD memory card. So here some details about it. 

But for how many photos you can take, it depends on the size and quality you choose, such as RAW photos that require more memory space. If you take lots of photos using the RAW format or if you just want to keep shooting and not worry about storage, then You will be pleased to know that Lexar has launched the world's first 1TB SD memory card. With the dominant black color combined with Chopper colors, making the appearance of SD 1 TB memory card elegant.

Shown a few years ago, SanDisk actually announced a 1TB SD memory card, but the memory card has not been formally realized which means that as far as being the first to market, Lexar has defeated SanDisk. Lexar 1TB 633x SDXC UHS-I will display read speeds of up to 95MB / s and class V30 video recording speeds. This speed is very useful for taking photos in a short moment.

According to Senior Lexar Marketing Manager Joey Lopez, "Almost fifteen years ago, Lexar announced a 1GB SD card. Today, we are pleased to announce the 1TB of storage capacity in the same practical form factor. ”SD cards are now available for purchase, but unfortunately the price offered for SD cards is not cheap, which is worth $ 399.

So how about this amazing memory card? Interested in buying it? It looks like the memory card from Lexar is intended for professionals who need large memory capacity to facilitate the storage and management of photos. But if you want to buy it, you have to be patient until the official news is released in a valid market.

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